Services Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Services Disruption: Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technologies promise to harness today’s computing power to achieve scale, accuracy, and speed improvements at an exponential rate. There are efficiency and quality improvements to be made, but what are the trade-offs? On this panel, experts from cutting edge companies weigh in: 

  • What are the sectors in which these new technologies are currently being implemented and what are the challenges and opportunities that they are presenting? 
  • How can providers keep up with the computing advances (machine vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning) that may require substantial technology upgrades and replacements. 
  • How can we accelerate up-skilling of labor to keep up with rapid technology development? 
Evidently, as automated processes learn and adapt to change, so must Latin American and Caribbean service providers. 


Vitaly Golomb, Investor & Global Startup Evangelist, HP Tech Ventures 


  • Frank Casale, Founder & CEO, The Institute for Robotic Process Automation 
  • Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Director of the Emerging Analytics Center, University of Arkansas at Little Rock 
  • Avinash Vashistha, Chairman and CEO of Tholons Inc. and Former Chairman and Country Managing Director- India of Accenture Services