Animation & Video Games

Animation & Video Games

The rapid development and proliferation of personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices has made animation and gaming available to the masses, and as a result, this is one of the fastest growing market segments. 

While global Animation and Gaming achieved revenues of USD 122 billion in 2010, it was estimated to have nearly doubled (USD 243 billion) by 2016. Over that period, Gaming has been the fastest growing market year-on-year, registering annualized growth of nearly 14%, while Animation has achieved annualized growth of 12.5% from 2011 to 2016. 

In recent years, LAC became a leading player on the global market, registering higher growth than any other region in the world. In particular, the increase in demand for mobile games has bolstered LAC’s success as a mecca for game developers and start-ups. This session reviews the latest trends, and explores the great potential of this dynamic segment for countries with strong creative industries and technical talent. 


  • Sandra Quintero, Owner, SANQUI Digital 


  • Todd Ramsay, Owner & Creative Director, Yeti Farm Creative 
  • María Martina Santoro, Co-Founder & CEO, Okam Studio