Best Practices from Top Outsourced Cities and Regions

Best Practices from Top Outsourced Cities and Regions

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) global service providers comprise a maturing and multifaceted sector, long offering great promise and today manifesting impressive results. A region of great intrinsic opportunity, LAC participants in this global marketplace benefit not only from natural advantages like location, language and cultural affinity, but also an entrepreneurial spirit and many supportive governments determined to optimize their participation in a dynamic industry. 

Compared to more consolidated powerhouses like India and the Philippines, large players like China and Russia that offer unparalleled scale, and European platforms with human capital and business climate advantages, LAC has one underappreciated competitive advantage – its emergent status combined with high levels of global connectivity and access to information endows the region with the ability to learn from successes across the globe and adapt dexterously to a dynamic business landscape. 

The companies and clusters that have propelled those cities – notably San José as the top-ranked city in the Americas in 2016 – also provide noteworthy best practices to providers across the globe. This panel offers one such opportunity for productive dialogue and inter-regional comparison and learning. 


  • John Biggs, East Coast Editor, TechCrunch 


  • Avinash Vashistha, Chairman and CEO of Tholons Inc. and Former Chairman and Country Managing Director- India of Accenture Services 
  • B.V. Naidu, Chairman of Sagitaur and Co-Chairman of Karnataka ICT Group (Bangalore) 
  • Charles Aird, Global Leader of the PwC Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory and Business Transformation, PwC