Architecture & Engineering

Architecture & Engineering

The architecture and engineering services sectors are rapidly globalizing, driven by traditional outsourcing advantages and the international market aspirations of the client base. 

An estimated 20% of U.S. architecture firms outsource a portion of their workload; a figure that is likely understated. The trend is on the rise due to advantages like workload smoothing, increased access to qualified and specialized professionals, cost reduction, and expedited delivery. 

Meanwhile, as architecture and engineering clients increasingly look to enter new international markets, the global service providers follow the demand, establishing new offices and captive centers in emerging destinations. Both the U.S. and India have demonstrated strong interest in Latin America in order to reach local and multinational clients, find local partners, and expand operations through captive centers and regional bases of operations. In light of this trend, this session will examine the particular strengths and challenges of Latin America as a base for regional and global ASO and ESO. 


  • Gerardo Funes, Integration and Trade Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank 


  • Hilario Canessa, CEO, Studio 4D 
  • Rahul Singh, Head of Global Delivery Center Operation, Administrations, Global Advocacy & Government Affairs, HCL Technologies